The Yusha System is a system given by the Taisha to the current girls with high aptitude. The main concept of it is ideally normal girls sacrificing offerings in exchange for power by the Shinju-sama. As explained by Sonoko, in her time young innocent girls were sacrificed to gods in exchange for power this may explain why all the heroes are young girls in middle school. As a result of it the heroes may also be given the ability to perform Mankai while afterwards Sange occurs. It was revealed the Taisha added this system within the terminals along with mankai and fairies to protect the heroes when the death of Gin Minowa occured.

Sange Edit

Main Article : Sange

Sange is ideally a main part of the Yusha system. It is the concept of sacrificing the current heroes' own body parts in exchange for power known as Mankai.

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