Blessings of the Gods
Kami no Shukufuku
Chief Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Japanese Air Date

November 27, 2014

Opening Hoshi to Hana
Ending Aurora Days
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Idyllic Happiness Those Who Know Grief

Blessings of the Gods (神の祝福 Kami no Shukufuku) is the eighth episode of the original anime Yuki Yuna. It aired on November 27, 2014.


After Fu informs the others that their battle isn't over yet, with each girl besides Karin receiving an additional fairy, the girls soon come up against another forestization. Discovering the remaining Vertex, finding it to be overflowing with cores, Yūna quickly disposes of them using the power of her new fairy, causing some worry amongst her friends. When the forest disappears, Yūna and Mimori end up separated from the others, having been summoned by a hospitalized girl, who reveals herself to be a former hero named Sonoko Nogi. Sonoko reveals to them the secret of the Hero System, in which heroes permanently lose the use of a bodily function in exchange for the power granting by the Mankai form, further revealing that heroes are effectively sacrifices to Shinju who can never die. On top of the shock both girls feel upon hearing this, Mimori is also saddened as she seems to know Sonoko, but is unable to remember her. As the two are escorted back home, Yūna promises Mimori that she will find a way to sort everything out.

Character AppearancesEdit

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