Idyllic Happiness
Bokkateki na Yorokobi
Scenario Murata Osamu
Storyboard Kurosaki Takeshi
Episode Director Tomoda Masaharu
Chief Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Japanese Air Date

November 20, 2014

Opening Hoshi to Hana
Ending Aurora Days
Previous Next
In Anticipation of Tomorrow Blessings of the Gods

Idyllic Happiness (牧歌的な喜び Bokkateki na Yorokobi) is the seventh episode of the original anime Yuki Yuna. It aired on November 20, 2014.


Taisha rewards the girls with an all-expenses-paid trip to a hot spring inn during their summer break. The girls enjoy a day on the beach, have a delicious meal, relax in the hot springs, and tell some ghost stories. The next morning, Mimori reminisces about a ribbon she was holding onto when she lost her memory in an accident and wonders if their battles are really over. After the group returns home, making plans for the culture festival on the way back, Fū is summoned to the clubroom where she discovers everyone's old transformation cellphones, as well as a new fairy for herself, with Taisha warning her that another attack is to be expected.

Character AppearancesEdit

By order of appearances:

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