Yuki Yuna is a Hero: A Sparkling Flower (結城友奈は勇者である: 花結いのきらめき, Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Hanayui no Kirameki) is recently released smartphone game. It is available in the Japanese store only for both iPhones and Androids.

Plot Edit

Gameplay Edit

This only covers the important parts to be able to play.

Hero Menu Edit

  1. Hero registry: A list of all heroes you currently have and can use.
  2. Team formation: Arrange heroes' teams to partake in battles.
  3. Upgrade heroes: Spend udon and coins (obtained from story chapters and daily events) to level up heroes outside of battle. Udon with pink background will upgrade your heroes' special abilities.
  4. Release potential/blessings: Uncapping heroes which can reach higher level and gains additional squad (or aid, as you may) potential.
  5. Items: Inventory. You can also sell your items.
  6. Story album: view past CGs from story events, this leads to story recap menu.

Story Menu Edit

  1. Scenario: Main story missions of the game, covering stories of Yuki Yuna, Washio Sumi, Nogi Wakaba, and Shiratori Utano, plus a new story.
  2. Events: Split into daily events and limited-time special events.
  3. Chapters: Stories to go through with a set of missions.
  4. Daily events: Daily events that change each day. It costs 'power' that will recharge 1 point per hour, with a maximum 12. You can get crystals and various rare items here.
  5. Hero system: Exchange medals from leveling up fairies to uncap heroes for passive bonuses.

Elements Edit

Each character has their own colors, or elements, so to speak. There are five elements, each weak and strong to other: Fire (red), water (blue), wind (green), with a separate light (yellow) and dark (purple). Fire, water, and wind form a triangle (fire->wind->water->fire, where strong->weak) while light and dark are with each other (light<->dark). Vertexes have their own elements as well, as shown in their health bar colors.

The crystals needed to uncap heroes are the same as their own elements. The fairies have their own elements as well and only the heroes can only use fairies with the same element as themselves.

Combat Mechanics Edit

The core objective of each mission is to prevent Vertexes (from the left) from reaching the Shinju (red squares on furthest right). The battles take place in a grid, where you can move heroes around to eliminate enemies.

At the start, the heroes will be deployed on the right. You can move your heroes during battle to different squares. Some Vertexes can push your hero back, and after the Vertexes dies, your hero will return to the tile.

Heroes' attacks can be either short, medium, or long. Short (melee) heroes can only hit tiles next to them in any direction. Medium-range heroes have a range in a circle around them. Long-range heroes can fire across a row of tiles.

Each hero in your team has their own unique abilities you can use by using the charges (flowers) in the special gauge in the bottom left. These charges are earned by defeating enemies. Each ability costs a different amount of charges, as shown below the heroes' portrait in the bottom right. Clicking on a hero's portrait will show her ability range. Hold and drag upwards to activate it.

Each mission has a number of Vertexes you need to defeat. You can only let a certain number of Vertexes reach the Shinju (top right). The final mission of each chapter has a boss Vertex, a very big and strong evolved Vertex that has its own abilities. It has huge health bars on the top left of the screen. For a boss to spawn, the number of Vertexes shown on the top left must be reduced to zero.

If a hero's HP reaches 0, she will be forced to jump back and will return after a countdown. You can get a potion (with a heart shape inside it) to increase heroes' HP and boxes to get various items after defeating Vertexes.

After the mission is over, you will be shown the MVP screen and mission clear. There are three objectives you must clear in order to gain three stars and gain all three items: Clearing mission, under time limit, and no heroes being forced to retire.

Gacha Edit

There are two gachas: Main gacha that uses Shinju's blessings and friends' gacha that uses friend points, which also contains fairies.The rarity is: 5% SSR, 25% SR, and 68% R.

If you do gacha and get duplicate hero/card with the same image and rarity, your card will automatically get a boost in skill level, as well as some other attributes.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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