Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Washio Sumi's Chapter - Soul (結城友奈は勇者である: 鷲尾すみの章 - 魂 Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha De Aru: Washio Sumi no Sho - Tamashii) is the second film of a currently ongoing set of films surrounding Washio Sumi is a Hero. It aired on April 17th, 2017.

Washio Sumi's Chapter - 02
Chief Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
DVD Release/Streaming


Opening Sakiwau Hana
Ending Tamashii
Insert Song National Defense Gym
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Friends Promise

Summary Edit

After a reading of a Hero Diary entry by Nogi Sonoko, Aki-sensei is seen observing the girls train. After doing moderately better then the last time, they are given time to rest. Sumi begins by purifying herself in the backyard well, when a family member informs her Sonoko has arrived. Much to Sumi's utter surprise, Sonoko is riding in the back of a cream-colored limo. She greets her friend in English, and continually rambles about 'Kagawa Life'. Later, the girls are presumingly at Sonoko's house, in a large dressing room. The latter and Sumi force Gin to wear frilly dresses and quite strange outfits (giving Sumi a nosebleed in the process), until Sonoko forces Sumi herself to wear a Western style dress. At first, Sumi thinks it's beautiful on her, but then purifies herself at home believing she is a failure as a Japanese patriot. After an eventful few weeks of school, Sumi meets Gin's family from afar and even stops Gin from going home out of worry for her friend. Gin and Sonoko assure Sumi that it'll be fine with the 3 of them protecting. During a class trip, Gin helps her friends make Yakisoba (promising to teach them how to cook one day) and the group chats with each other on the balcony of one of the structures. Walking along a path, time stops, and the girls transform and complain that they still had an entire trip to have. To their surprise, 2 Vertex have arrived. Gin is armed and ready, but the Vertex prove themselves to be much stronger then what they're used to. Despite that setback, the 3 manage to block them off before a third arrives. Healing it's fellow vertex the tides turn, with the Scorpion Vertex injuring Sumi and Sonoko to the point they can barely walk with a simple flick of it's tail. Gin brings her friends down to a safe place, saying she'll take it from their, and then adding 'See ya'. Gin catches up with the Vertex, stating they'll never cross the line as long as she's there. She engages in a battle, managing to land many hits, before the Sagittarius Vertex stabs her with one of it's arrows, and she is thrown down-terribly wounded. Gin gets up anyway, and starts fighting. Fueled by rage and will, she tells them that they'll never amount to what humans can do and shouts "IT'S OUR SOUL!" Sumi and Sonoko manage to wake up and limp across the battlefield, finding burnt ground and later Gin, standing upright and staring at the barrier's wall. Sumi congratulates her friend on the victory, before she slowly realizes Gin isn't moving. Sonoko says in tears she was supposed to cook with them another day, Sumi agreeing, and saying her friend's name. The two girls kneel to the ground and wail.

Side Stories Edit

In addition to the main tale, there were a few additional segments worth following.

Sonoko's Dream: Appearing 3 times, Sonoko's Dream accounts some very strange dreams the girl had. Most of the segments end up with the team dining at Ines and Sonoko saying "And that's how the dream went". The first dream chronicles on her desire to see Sumi preform as an idol, with a crowd of Sancho pillows watching. The second is Sonoko asking Sumi to "Look over here~", but she reveals she is in fact, a masked vigilante named 'Kokubo Kamen'. The third is the aftermath of the School Orientation, in which Aki-sensei forbids them Udon for a week. Sonoko wakes up crying over her nightmare. Sumi says she needs to go to a hospital while Gin sits dumbfounded.

School Orientation: For the first graders, Sumi and Sonoko decide to put on a patriotic show based upon the dream Sonoko had, which had excited Sumi. After a song, the class becomes EXTREMELY riled up and Aki-sensei scolds them for taking it a little too far.

Writing: While drawing on a chalkboard, Sumi states she wants to become a historian. Asking Sonoko and Gin what they wanna be when they grow up, Sonoko says she is an online novelist, and wishes to be a professional someday. Gin wants to raise a family and therefore 'become a bride'. Later, Sumi sees the reviews for Sonoko's novel "Space Sancho", and attempts to write one herself. She gains bad reviews the next day, despite her 'patriotism'. Later, Sonoko gains a love letter and Sumi is baffled. She then finds a letter for herself and opens it, wishing it to be a love letter...only to find out it's a complaint about her class behavior from an anon. Angry, she burns it.

Character Appearances Edit

By order of appearances:


Nogi Sonoko

Minowa Gin

Washio Sumi

Trivia Edit

  • This is by far the most violent of any of the Yuusha de Aru animation projects.

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