The Vertexes (バーテックス; Bātekkusu) are a malevolent lifeform, created by the gods of heaven during the Anno Domini era for the purpose of exterminating mortal life. They've succeeded in destroying much of the world, apart from the Shikoku island of Japan which was protected from certain destruction by the Shinju-sama, a conglomeration of gods that sided with humanity during the humanity-Vertex war. In order to further continue protecting the remnants of humanity from certain extinction, Shinju-sama borrowed chunks of their divine powers to young girls, which will eventually become known as Heroes.

List of known Vertex types and their appearances in the series Edit

#NameKatakana name on official websiteKanji name on characters' phoneChapter they appeared in WashioSumiEpisode they appeared in YukiYuna
Virgo Vertexヴァルゴ・バーテックス乙女型Chapter 5Episode 1Episode 11
Scorpion Vertexスコーピオン・バーテックスunknownChapter 4Episode 2
Cancer Vertexキャンサー・バーテックス
Sagittarius Vertexサジタリウス・バーテックス
Capricorn Vertexカプリコーン・バーテックスChapter 3Episode 3
Aries Vertexアリエス・バーテックス牡羊型Chapter 8Episode 5
Pisces Vertexピスケス・バーテックス魚型Episode 11
Aquarius Vertexアクエリアス・バーテックス水瓶型Chapter 1
Libra Vertexリブラ・バーテックス天秤型Chapter 2
Taurus Vertexタウラス・バーテックス雄牛型
Leo Vertexレオ・バーテックス獅子型Chapter 8Episode 11
Gemini Vertexジェミニ・バーテックス双子型Episode 8
Stardust星屑 Episode 10Episode 11
Episode 12

Additionally, Vertex can form Starclusters, such as the Leo Starcluster (レオ・スタークラスター; Reo Sutākurasutā). These Starclusters gain the abilities and appearance of the Vertex they're made out of. The Vertex seen in Nogi Wakaba is a Hero are referred to as Arrow Evolver (矢のようなものを発生させたもの), Horn Evolver (角のように硬質化して隆起したもの), Snake Evolver (巨大な蛇のような姿のもの), and Centipede Evolver (ムカデのように長い体型のもの).

Purpose Edit

Vertexes were created as cleansers with the purpose of passing down divine judgment upon humanity. They first appeared on Earth during 2015 AD.

  • They initially stopped their attacks after the Taisha agreed to cease usage of the Hero System, and only resumed their attacks after they notice that the Taisha did not completely get rid of the System.


In the YuYuYui Mobage, there are many new Vertex types introduced.

  • Attacca
  • Fermata
  • Tacet
  • Cadenza
  • Portemento
  • Maestoso
  • Glissando
  • Requiem
  • Pesante
  • Con Fuoco
  • Giocoso
  • Rondo
  • Dolce
  • Scherzo
  • Capriccio
  • Canon
  • Septet

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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