Uesato Hinata
Change hinata
Kanji 上里 ひなた
Romaji Uesato Hinata
English Hinata Uesato
Age 14
Gender Female
Grade 2nd Year of Middle School (Presumed)
Blood Type AB
Height 150cm
Favorite Food Udon, honetsukidori
Birthday October 4
Status Retired
First Appearance
Debut Nogi Wakaba is a Hero - Chapter 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Marika Kouno
English Voice N/A

Uesato Hinata (上里 ひなた Uesato Hinata?) is one of the main characters of the light novel Nogi Wakaba is a Hero. She, along with five other girls, is a part of the first Hero Team.


Hinata has long, rosy-purple hair that falls just below her waist. It is held back by a red headband with red ribbons. Her eye color appears to be a dark/moderate red. Her school uniform consists of a maroon shirt with a navy blue jacket and skirt. Parts of her outfit have light blue undertones.


One of the members of the very first Hero team, and also a Miko[1], meaning that she can hear the voices of gods. However, she is not an actual Hero, and is therefore frozen in time during forestization like other non-Heroes. Her childhood friend is Nogi Wakaba, and they are very close. Like her, Hinata was born in the Kagawa Prefecture.



Hinata is a very playful person who has been seen "flirting" with the other characters before, mostly with Wakaba. She cares deeply about her friends, and she feels that one of the most important things is seeing them smile. However, she is not afraid to speak her mind, especially if it involves what's right.


As a Miko, Hinata is able to hear the voices of the gods. This is useful to the Hero team because she is able to foresee Vertex attacks and other related events. She does not have any other abilities due to not having any fairies or other powers granted by the Taisha.


Nogi WakabaEdit

Hinata's childhood friend and fellow member of the first Hero team (despite not being a Hero). Even though Hinata's playfulness contrasts with Wakaba's seriousness, the two are very close. Hinata has been shown to care for Wakaba when needed, and Wakaba does not seem to mind this (most prominently seen here, where the former is cleaning the latter's ears).



Official Art


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