A Spirit, also known as a fairy, is a small being that is owned by a Hero. When their terminal is first activated, they each get a fairy-however, for every time they go Mankai they gain a new fairy. These fairies support the heroes with their attacks and they cannot fight without one. 

Origin Edit

After the end of the initial vertex attacks, the Taisha decided to publicly announce their intents of halting the Hero System in exchange for a ceasefire from the Sky Gods who were sending the vertex. In the meantime, they were secretly developing the Hero System for a counterattack in the future, a project which spanned for about 300 years. As allowing a Spirit enter a human body, even if it was a Hero's, would leave some side effects such as being less in control of their emotions, Nogi Wakaba proposed to downsize the Fairies into mascots who would also double for the role of emotional support for the Heroes instead of allowing them inside their bodies in order to repeat the tragedy of Koori Chikage, and Uesato Hinata pushed the rest of the Taisha into implementing them into the improvised Hero System used by future generations.

List of Spirits Edit

Owned by Yuki Yuna Edit

Gyuki (牛鬼)

  • Allows Yuna to enlist a powerful punch on her enemies, called the "Hero Punch".

Kasha (火車)

  • Allows Yuna to deliver a kick that can cause a fiery explosion, dubbed the "Hero Kick".

Owned by Togo Mimori Edit

Aobozu (青坊主)

  • Grants Togo a sniper rifle.

Gyobudanuki (刑部狸)

  • Allows Togo to use a pistol.

Shiranui (不知火)

  • Allows Togo to utilize a pair of reverse-grip pistols.

Kawabotaru (川蛍)

  • Gives Togo the ability to use automatic and manual floating lasers.

Owned by Inubouzaki Fu Edit

Inugami (犬神)

  • Grants Fu a large sword for grounded attacks.

Kamaitachi (かまいたち)

  • Grants Fu small throwing knives.

Owned by Inubouzaki Itsuki Edit

Kodama (こだま)

  • Lets Itsuki use long vines to entrap enemies.

Ungaikyou (雲外鏡)

  • Grants Itsuki a mirror that can reflect powerful beams of light.

Owned by Miyoshi Karin Edit

Yoshiteru (義輝)

  • Karin can summon many katanas at once.

Karin owns four other fairies, although their names and abilities are unknown.

Owned by Nogi Sonoko Edit

Kurama "Sebastian" Tengu (くらま てんぐ)

  • Gives Sonoko an improved spear.

Sonoko also has twenty other fairies, some of which she stated are "a baku, a pillow-swapping ghost, and a bunch of others". In the game, her younger self is given a Robed Mouse named Tesso.

Non Canon Edit

Owned by Gin Minowa Edit

Despite never having a fairy in-universe, it was revealed that if Gin ever had a fairy, it would be named Nurikabe. The original creature it is based on would manifest as a wall, "that impedes or misdirects walking travelers at night. Trying to go around is futile as it extends itself forever". Note this was meant to be a joke.

YuYuYui Exclusive Edit

Owned by Nogi Wakaba Edit



Owned by Takashima Yuna Edit


Shuten Doji

Owned by Doi Tamako Edit


Owned by Iyojima Anzu Edit

Yukijorou/Yuki Onna

Owned by Koori Chikage Edit

Shichinin Misaki

Owned by Shiratori Utano Edit


Owned by Akihara Sekka Edit


Owned by Kohagura Natsume Edit


Owners Unknown Edit

Suzuka Gozen

Mokugyo Daruma



Fujiwara no Chikata no Yonki



Shiranui (Note: This one can be confused for Togo's last fairy, Kawabotaru)


Toufu Kozou


Trump Cards Edit

Trump Cards were the early usage of Spirits, imbuing their power into one's body and giving them a tremendous set of skills. Any girl could pick one, but they often stayed with 1 or 2. A Trump Card is incredibly dangerous, as it can bring a huge amount of physical kickback onto the body and even mind, as evidenced by Chikage's mental snap.

This system was scrapped, and replaced with the current Hero System.

(The powers were then later used as the Fairies of the Original Hero Team in YuYuYui.)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the Washio Sumi film adaption, Sonoko gives her first fairy a nickname, Sebastian.
  • Gyuuki is often seen trying to eat Karin's fairy, Yoshiteru. In episode 7, Yuna is seen chewing on Karin's arm out of hunger, referencing this.
  • Although Gin and the original 6 heroes never had fairies, they were given them in the Hanayui no Kirameki video game. Most of them are based upon their Trump Cards, which is a spirit in itself.

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