The Sealing Ritual is a ritual used to show the "soul" of a Vertex then giving the latest Heroes a chance to destroy it before the Vertex heals itself. Although it is like that, the longer the Vertex is sealed the more Jukai will wilt and equal damage will be done to the real world. It is stated it takes at least three heroes to perform the ritual. It was first used and appeared when the Hero Club was dealing with the Virgo Vertex in Episode 1 of the anime.

Appearance Edit

The sealing ritual seems to be shown through an aurora of flower petals surrounding the Vertex it is being targeted at. At the bottom, it seems some Nihongo is placed at the bottom of the Vertex and shifts itself over and over. When the heroes perform the second step their current Fairies appear above them.

Steps To Perform Edit

The Sealing Ritual involves a few steps for it to be performed :

  • First surround the vertex
  • Say the prayer to suppress the enemy

The Prayer Goes as Follows :

"Oh Master of the Afterlife,"

"Have Pity On Us."

"Bring Us your blessings."

"Protect our happiness and fortune."

"And Bring us Joy."

NOTE : Fu Inubouzaki states that you don't need to say the whole thing, you can say anything as long as it has "spirit."

  • The "soul" of the Vertex will then appear and the it is the Heroes' job to destroy it.


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