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Nogi Wakaba is a Hero (乃木若葉は勇者である Nogi Wakaba wa Yūsha de Aru?) is a light novel serialized in Dengeki G's magazine. The serialization began on July 30, 2015. The story of Nogi Wakaba is a Hero takes place 300 years in the past, in 2018, the first days of the Divine Era. The six main characters form the first ever Hero Team: Nogi Wakaba, Nogi Sonoko's ancestor; Uesato Hinata, Takashima Yuna, Koori Chikage, Doi Tamako and Iyojima Anzu. A manga based on the series was released later.


  • Concept Designs: Takahiro (Minato Soft)
  • Illustrator: BUNBUN
  • Vertex Designs: D.K&JW WORKS
  • Writer: Shuhaku Aoi
  • Editor: Project 2H

Plot Edit

The novel begins with an introduction to the situation of the current world.

In the year 2015, Nogi Wakaba is an socially awkward girl who is currently in an evacuation center with her classmates. After a misunderstood and embarrassing moment, Uesato Hinata takes a picture of her and adds it to her 'treasured Nogi-chan collection'. Frantic, Wakaba pleads for her to delete it and Hinata leads her to a group of girls she was staring at earlier.

With a little guidance, Wakaba settles in with the group, and later thanks Hinata for helping her as the friends walk outside. As payback, Hinata asks if she can model for cosplay pictures; much to the former's chagrin.

An earthquake suddenly hits, and the two girls try stay safe-when Hinata has a vision of something 'really scary'. Vertex suddenly appear from out of nowhere, and attack the evacuation center where everyone else is. Through the chaos, Wakaba discovers-to her horror-that her new friends didn't survive. Angry, she dives towards the Vertex and battles them with a wooden stick. It easily breaks, and Wakaba is forced into a corner.

Suddenly Hinata appears, telling her 'it should be there'. In a broken alter, Wakaba finds an old katana that suddenly turns new again once she grabs hold. Not having a chance, Wakaba takes down a few Vertex and the rest regroup. She and the survivors make a beeline for The Great Seto Bridge, Vertex on their tail.

Three years later, Wakaba has assembled a team of 'Heroes', each with their own magical weapon they bring to battle. Aided by Hinata's visions and knowledge, the girls lead somewhat ordinary but adventurous lives within Marugame Castle-now converted into a school for heroes.

Wakaba regularly makes contact with Shiratori Utano-the sole hero protecting the Nagano district a lake over. The two have an Udon/Soba competition due to a debate over the two. Wakaba notices the line has become more unstable lately, and grows worried for her friend.

After Doi Tamako, a member of the team, tries to 'show off' Hinata's bust, Koori Chikage walks by in the background, slightly annoyed. Takashima Yuna then arrives, which makes Chikage delighted. The team has lunch, during which Tamako speaks out to Wakaba, then apologizes solemnly. Wakaba realizes Tamako is scared of the fight that is coming. Yuna then comments the food was delicious, not paying attention to the previous conversation.

Wakaba is still conversing with Utano-solemnly, though. When Utano suddenly starts breaking up, Wakaba gets worried, asking her if everything is alright. It is revealed Utano is hurt and an army of Vertex is approaching, 100-1. Utano asks her to keep fighting, as the rest is in her hands. The line falls dead, and Wakaba realizes with utter terror that Nagano has fallen.

Wakaba oversees the Forestization, and vows to protect the world in Utano's place. The Vertex have arrived.


Ch. Title Release Date
1 Sprouting (芽出 Me de?) July 30, 2015
2 Flower Buds (花蕾 Karai?) August 29, 2015
3 Blooming (開花 Kaika?) September 30, 2015
4 Hidden Leaf (陰葉 Kageha?) October 30, 2015
5 First Leaf (双葉 Futaba?) November 30, 2015
6 Root of Evil (禍根 Kakon?) December 26, 2015
7 Sprout (新芽 Shinme?) January 30, 2016
8 Glowing Flower (灯花 Akari Hana?) February 29, 2016
9 Petal of Light (光華 Kōge?) March 30, 2016
10 Lingering Snow (根雪 Neyuki?) April 30, 2016
11 Seed (種子 Shushi?) May 30, 2016
12 Forgotten Seed (忘種 Wasure Gusa?) June 30, 2016
13 Falling Petals (落花 Rakka?) July 30, 2016
14 Thorny Road (茨道 Ibara Michi?) August 30, 2016
15 Diseased Leaves (病葉 Wakuraba?) September 30, 2016
16 Confused Flowers (狂花 Kyōka?) October 27, 2016
17 Funeral Flowers (葬儀の花 Sōgi no Hana) November 30, 2016
18 Uproot Part 1 (根元 Nemoto) December 29, 2016
19 Uproot Part 2 (根元 Nemoto) Jan 28, 2017
Extra The Passed Baton (渡されたバトン Watasa Reta Baton) March 28, 2017
Extra Shiratori Utano is a Hero (白鳥歌野は勇者である) July 2, 2016

Hero Diary Entries Edit

Words in [brackets] were previously censored by the Taisha.

Chapter 1 (Nogi Wakaba)Edit

"This afternoon, I peered over the Seto Inland Sea from Marugame Castle.

Each time I stand here, I renew my vow.

I swear to take back the world stolen from us.

We as heroes are the weapons to achieve that goal.

Small may our numbers be, but we must fulfill our duty.

Among our comrades,

A proactive stance like Yuna's is hard to find in this world.

I can see an unstable side to [Chikage], but..."

Chapter 2 (Doi Tamako)Edit

"The days of peace continue.

I used to think training everyday was pretty hard, and being at school with just the [six] of us was kinda boring, but once you get used to it you realize it's not actually that bad.

Still, we don't know how much longer we can enjoy this period of peace.

With things as they are, I'm kinda worried about [Chikage].

She's the most fragile out of the Shikoku heroes.

But Wakaba doesn't seem to notice it.

Wakaba is strong.

Because she's strong, she might not understand people's weaknesses.

It can't be helped.

I suppose I'll have to look after her.

Just leave it to Tama."

Chapter 3 (Iyojima Anzu)Edit

"I was shaking and couldn't move.

Perhaps somewhere in my mind, I thought that a battle couldn't happen.

But still, they came.

The battle has begun.

The heroes were given weapons.

Exclusive weapons imbued with the power of the gods, the heroes' battle outfits, and...

A "trump card" for fighting especially strong enemies.

But this [technique sacrificed] our [very own bodies]."

Chapter 4 (Takashima Yuna)Edit

"I felt really exhausted after using that technique.

It was pretty strong.

But I now understand,

It's not something you can use repeatedly in battle.

I knew about the risks beforehand...

We were told about the stamina depletion and extreme fatigue that come with,

But it's really something else when you experience it.

We had Ichimoku Ren help us out this time...

But I personally would like to get stronger.

One day, I'd love to try out [Shuten-Douji]."

Chapter 5 (Doi Tamako)Edit

"Tama likes Anzu.

Anzu likes Tama back.

Why don't we go out?

That joke aside,

Why didn't those guys take the [udon]?

After all, their silhouettes looked [human]!

Judging by how unyielding they were

and how they were unwilling to accept [udon],

There's only one answer... that Tama can think of.

They cannot have been [human] in the first place!

That's impossible!

Mark my words!

If I'm wrong, then just erase this entire diary!"

Chapter 6 (Iyojima Anzu)Edit

"I'm happy that we got a vacation.

There are lots of books I wanted to read.


The fact that from now on, there was a possibility for a specific [books] to be [disposed of]...

It makes me a bit sad."

Chapter 7 (Nogi Wakaba)Edit

"It’s my fault.

I hurt those who fight alongside with me.

Did all those continuous victories lead me to being [conceited]?

I have been convinced that I was fine the way I am now...

...Hinata has said

That the reason the world had fallen into this state in the first place

Was because of mankind’s [impudence].

That’s what Shinju-sama has been telling her.

Does that mean I’m also one of them…?"

Chapter 8 (Takashima Yuna)Edit

"Maybe...No, it has to be.

...No, I'm sure of it!

There have to be other survivors besides us.

That just has to be the case.

For example, there seems to be high hopes for [Hokkaido].

We've gotta keep working at it, for their sake too."

Chapter 9 (Doi Tamako)Edit

"I've noticed something.

The small fries have been quickly evolving.

But whatever, Tama's been doing some evolving of her own, so no biggie.

Heart. Technique. Physique. Tama's been growing in all three areas these past few years.

Let me just say that Tama's graceful movements are gonna blow everyone's minds ta-mashed bits!

But wasn't the reason the small fries came out in the first place because of [some god other than] Shinju-sama?"

Chapter 10 (Iyojima Anzu)Edit

"We're all going on a trip.

Basically like a school field trip for a "Hero Club" or something.

I pray this'll be a fun trip.

I pray nothing bad will happen.

I pray we'll find survivors.

It's been decided that our route will avoid [the Kii] Peninsula."

Chapter 11 ([Koori Chikage])Edit

"[All of them died miserably.

I...We don't want to turn to this.

As if I'd ever. I will live.]"

Chapter 12 (Nogi Wakaba)Edit

"I know it's meant to encourage everyone,

but each day, when I see the stream of [false] information ,

it sends shivers down my spine.

Isn't that a sign of desperation?

Isn't the world beyond recovery now?

... No, now's not the time to complain.

We are heroes, after all."

Chapter 13 (Iyojima Anzu)Edit

"Great power comes at a great cost.

As they use the power of the fairies,

trump cards could possibly cause a buildup of [miasma] in the heroes' bodies."

Chapter 14 ([Koori Chikage])Edit

"[Why must we be blamed

by the people we're supposed to protect

while we're already doing the best we possibly can?

If the intention for the Vertex invasion

was to pass judgement on humanity,

I think I'm starting to understand the reason a little.]"

Chapter 15 ([Koori Chikage])Edit

"[I am hero, Koori Chikage.

In kanji that is 郡, not 群.

People always mixed it up.

My blood Type is A.

Favorite food is Udon.

I like skipjack tuna too.

Good at gaming, for example gun shooting.

Hope I can be remembered by someone, anyone would do.

I am hero, Koori Chikage.]"

Chapter 16 (Takashima Yuna)Edit

"The land I was born in was often called the village of myth.

The power I was granted at the shrine that fateful day was a [curse] to the ones that loomed upon us.

And with it, I can once again protect everyone.

I want to protect everyone.

I want to recover quickly."

Chapter 17 (Nogi Wakaba)Edit

"[Koori Chikage] was a hero.

And I'll never forget that.

In the end,

she surely overcame herself."

Chapter 18 (Takashima Yuna)Edit

"The Shinju-sama is apparently a conglomeration of land gods.

But some gods who were [exiled] from [Heaven] are mixed alongside them as well.

It's quite reassuring to think about."

Chapter 19 (Nogi Wakaba)Edit

"[We have not yielded our country.

This is nothing more but a ceasefire.

We will take back our land.

And then we'll revive it.

No matter how many generations it takes.]"


  • With the exception of Chapter 10, each chapter title mentions something related to plants (eg. Root of Evil, Glowing Flower, Hidden Leaf), following the same pattern in Yuki Yuna is a Hero.

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