Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero (楠芽吹は勇者である Kusunoki Mebuki wa Yūsha de Aru?) is a light novel set to be serialized in Dengeki G's magazine. The serialization's release date is unknown as of now. The story will be set in between Episode 12 of Yuki Yuna is a Hero and the 7th Episode of Season 2, accounting the events of a new team of heroes that were candidates at a point. 
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  • The official announcement for the series
  • The main characters revealed

Staff (Presumed) Edit

  • Concept Designs: Takahiro (Minato Soft)
  • Illustrator: BUNBUN
  • Vertex Designs: D.K&JW WORKS
  • Writer: Shuhaku Aoi
  • Editor: Project 2H

Plot Edit

Kusunoki Mebuki was up to compete for the hero's position, but lost to Karin Miyoshi. This left a jealous stain on the girl. She was later summoned to Kagawa's Gold tower, where she was given a new duty as a sentinel, a soldier whose job is to stand by and keep watch. Now along with three other sentinels and a priestess, Mebuki will fight and protect her army, the current gerneration of heroes, and the rest of humanity from the creatures who hide behind the wall.

Chapters Edit

  1. As if a Dead Flower Could Bloom
  2. To Cut One's Belly with a Branch
  3. A Strong Wind Knows a Sturdy Weed
  4. Even a Starving Hawk Will Not Eat Grass

Trivia Edit

  • The girls of the series are not actually heroes, but miko and sentinels.

External Links Edit

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