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The Hero Club welcoming their newest member

The Hero Club (讃州中学勇者部 Sanshū Chūgaku Yūsha-bu?) is the club that the main characters are in. Its goal is to help those that need it and help the community in general.

As the series goes on, it is revealed that the members in the Hero Club have been enlisted to be real "heroes" by Inubouzaki Fu, and they are given powers that will help them in protecting their world.


The Hero Club's Six Tenets (勇者部六箇条)Edit

  1. Give people a good greeting. 挨拶はきちんと
  2. Try not to give up. なるべく諦めない
  3. Sleep well, eat well. よく寢て、よく食べる
  4. If you're troubled, talk to someone! 悩んだら相談!
  5. You're likely to succeed if you try. なせば大抵なんとかなる
  6. Don't push yourself and make sure you're happy as well. 無理せず  自分も幸せであること

Trivia Edit

  • The Hero Club's website is a real online website. It features tarot card readings from Itsuki and pretend-reports of the Hero Club performing actions around Sanshu.