A Forestize Warning (樹海化警報 Jukai ka keihou?) is the event where the Shinju-sama deploys the heroes for battle in an alternate layer of reality.

Process Edit

First, the heroes get a message on their phone that warns them of the event, with a small text reading "Vertex approaching. Deploy to protect humanity.". Time then stops for a moment, save for the chosen heroes, and a rainbow-colored light envelops the land. Rainbow water spills over the hills (or the ending of the barrier) and a wall of an aurora of flowers encloses Shikoku, a bright light then ensues. The heroes then find themselves in the Jukai dimension where the Shinju-Sama resides.

In the event of a vertex attack not foretold, or an unknown entity (being the heavenly gods) enters the barrier, the terminal will activate a different kind of forestization. Saying Emergency Warning (特別警報発令 tokubetsu keiho hatsurei?) with continous similar to a caution tape although red swiping in the background. The phone may shut down during this forestization also. The hero will be transferred to Jukai the same way.

History Edit

  • During the early days of the Vertex invasions, the Jukai was not as overgrown as it is now, as noted by Nogi Wakaba's surprise in seeing it so overgrown when she and her team were summoned to intervene with the conflict between the Earth Gods that comprised of most of the Shinju, and that of the ex-Sky Gods who also aided in strengthening of the barrier.
  • The Shinju is the only barrier among others in the early days that actually HAD the process, whereas, in other barriers, the ordinary people merely went to a safe area as the hero defended the location.

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